Our story

We are a company with over 70 years in the market, devoted to the elaboration of herbs and teas using the best natural herbs. We have built Cachamai, based on values that we still hold as the basis of our products.


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Our plant

Our main plant has an area of 25,000 m2 and a covered area of 5,000 km2. The use of high tech enables us to have a production capable of covering both domestic and international markets.

Our process

The raw materials with which each of the products are made are selected with high quality standards. Prioritizing the optimal places of growth and harvest.
Herbs that grow in mountain and Andean areas of Argentina, considering the microclimates and the purity of the waters that give them their characteristic flavour.


Raw materials get to our plant to then go through their grinding process. They are thus in the size and format required to continue with the process.


Each of the blends responds to a specific percentage of ingredients. This stage is central to achieve balance in the mixtures and achieve the flavors sought.


With rhythm and care, and protecting the quality of each piece of the raw materials, the mixing process is carefully observed so that the desired flavour can be tasted. Throughout the process, the mixture is carried out manually, to optimize the quality.


After the mixture is aged in silos, the packaging process follows. This happens when each product has reached optimal conditions for consumption.


From this department we work on both the analysis of raw materials after arrival and quality control in each of the processes, and on the constant research to achieve new developments.
The Cachamai Laboratory, CachaLab, takes care of the production to cater for high levels of quality and provide new blends that make you feel good.

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